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Arduino Robot - Tree of Life

Materials List:
1) Arduino Duemilanovue
2) Aluminum sheet metal
3) Alumnium wires
4) 5x 3mm blue LEDs
5) Brass eyelets
6) Single core wires
7) Display case

The robot is made bent out of aluminum sheet metal. Choice of material is because aluminum is so much softer then other metals, even copper, and the surface doesnt stain easily or rust at all. Connections are held together either by hot glue, or if movable, by the brass eyelets. You will need to get the tool for punching the holes and crimping the eyelets. The robot's left arm is only connected to the body with a coil of wire, as if its detached and damaged. Not so sure if i managed to achieve that effect. LOL.

The wire tree is nothing but a bunch of twisted wires. Once again i used aluminum because is such a good and soft metal to work with. You need to twist in the normal electrical wires too, with LEDs soldered at the ends of it. The tricky part is making sure that none of the LED leads come in to contact with any metal, if not it will be a ground fault or short circuit.

This applies to the underside of the display case as well, with the LEDs wired up in series.

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